Diaper Cake as Baby Shower Gift

A baby shower is usually organised by a close friend of the expectant mother and is a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child. Some prefer to have the baby shower before the birth while others may organise the baby shower as the full month celebration. The word ‘shower‘ in baby shower means that the mother-to-be and the new born are showered with gifts. Therefore, during baby showers, guests would usually present their gifts and well wishes to the mother and baby.

In Singapore, typical gifts include tonic, baby gift hampers, diapers, baby clothes, vouchers, and red packet. But if you are looking for a practical and unique gift that will stand out from the rest, you can consider a diaper cake. The diaper cakes at The Diaper Cake Company are designed and handmade to look like a classic tiered cake.

Each cake is personalized with the parent’s or baby’s name. We use premium Merries diapers for all our diaper cakes and have carefully selected natural and organic products to be bundled with the diaper cake. We have intentionally chosen products that would come in handy for the mother and baby, for instance, a diaper change clutch, organic stroller toy, or an organic vapour balm for the new born.

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