5 ways our diaper cakes are unique

Our diaper cake baby gift hamper stands out from the rest and is unique in many ways which makes it the perfect gift for baby showers or 1st month celebrations.

Here’s how our diaper cakes are unique:

  • Looks like a real cake! Our diaper cakes are created to look like a classic tiered cake. With white as the base colour, the diaper cake elegance is comparable to a classic tiered wedding cake. Colour coordinated ribbons and hand-made decorations further enhance the look and the diaper cake is bound to get people’s attention. A great centerpiece for any baby showers and celebrations.
  • It is bundled with useful and practical products for the parents and baby.  We want our cake to add value to parents in a practical way. Therefore, we chose to not bundle soft toys, chicken essence, or even milk bottles as these are things that the receiver would already have prepared way ahead. Instead, we curated items that parents would appreciate having around in the house but are often overlooked, such as an organic vapour balm, a diaper change clutch, or an organic paw paw balm. There is also flexibility for you to pick items to add on to your diaper cake bundle, thereby further customizing your diaper cake gift.
  • Intricate design and handcrafted decorations. All decorations, including the greeting card, are handmade and pieced together with individual pieces of coloured art card. This creates a layered and 3D effect which makes the cake even more interesting to admire.Handmade Paperart
  • Personalized cake and handcrafted card. All of our diaper cakes include a personalized name tag and a hand-made card for you to pen down your personal message to the gift receiver for that additional personal touch. After the cake has been “unwrapped”, these would be memory keepsakes for the parents.
  • Surprise for the gift receiver. Most of the bundled goodies are “hidden” within the cake. Therefore, when the gift recipients unwrap the cake, there will be a surprise waiting for them. It is more than just another diaper cake. It is a whole new experience.

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