Unique Baby Shower Gift

Blue diaper cakeWhen you think of gifts for baby shower, things like chicken essence, clothes, cuddly soft toys, baby hamper, vouchers probably come to mind. These are common gifts in Singapore that people buy for new parents. But if you are looking for something that is more unique and will stand out from the rest of the gifts, consider a diaper cake from The Diaper Cake Company.

Our diaper cakes are made with premium diapers and bundled with essential items that parent and baby can use. We do not bundle cuddly soft toys or fashion accessories with our diaper cakes as parents would have received plenty of these already. We deliberately chose items parents would appreciate having around in the house but are often overlooked.


Here’s why our diaper cake makes an unique, special & awesome gift:

  1. A practical gift. Diapers are considered an essential item in modern day parenting. Almost all parents would use diapers on their child some point in their parenting journey. So what other gifts better than diapers. We use Merries diapers for our cakes.
  2. Bundled with useful and thoughtful products for the parents and baby.  We want our diaper cake to add value to the parents in a practical way. Therefore, we bundle products like an organic vapour balm, a diaper change clutch, or an organic stroller toy. We chose not to bundle soft toys, chicken essence, or even milk bottles as these are things that the parents would already have (either from their first born, hand-me-downs, or prepared in advance). You can also customize your diaper cake by adding additional items to the bundle.
  3. Looks like a real cake! Our cakes are handmade and decorated to look like a classic tiered cake. With white as base, and decorated with colour coordinated ribbons and themed paper art, the diaper cake looks as good as a real edible tiered cake.
  4. Makes a great centerpiece for the baby shower. Ribbons and hand-made paper art enhances the look and is bound to grab people’s attention. A great conversation starter to help get the party going too.
  5. Personalized gift. All of our diaper cakes include a personalized name tag and greeting card for your personal messages. These are memory keepsakes for the parents.
  6. Surprise for the gift receiver. Most of the bundled goodies are “hidden” in the diaper cake. Therefore, when the receivers unwrap the baby gift hamper, there will be a little surprise waiting for them. It is more than just a diaper cake. For the transformers fans “it’s more than meets the eye”.

Find out more about our diaper cake range and their prices.