Diaper Cake Makes a Practical Gift

In Singapore, it is common for friends and family to gift new parents. Traditionally, close friends and family members would gift gold, or cash gift in the form of a red packet. General friends and colleagues are likely to gift vouchers or personalized gift hampers. Diaper cakes in Singapore falls into this category of being a personalized gift hamper. In addition, it is also a practical gift.


Each diaper cake is personalized with the names of the parents. The baby’s name could also be included for some designs. Also, there is an accompanying hand-made personalized card with your personal message to the family.

Next, it contains diapers. Most modern day parents use diapers. Imagine, a newborn can poop every 3 to 4 hours. And that is already 6 to 8 diaper change in one day. Parents will be grateful to see diapers as part of their gift. What can be more practical than this? However, giving diapers as it is can be a little boring on the presentation front. Hence, we do it up nicely to look like a tiered-cake, and decorate it with matching ribbons and artwork.

asher trainBut we can see how diapers made into a cake, with a card, seems a little incomplete. To add in the finishing touch, we include items that are of practical use to the family. Things that are suitable for newborn and the family. Organic skincare products, swaddle, teething pads, diaper change clutch, paraben free wipes, organic cotton rompers and blanket, and the list goes on. Basically, these are not the usual romper, walker, mitten sets you see in the market.

We have very carefully curated our items so that they will be of use and deemed practical for the parents and the immediately usable for the newborn. This is why the diaper cakes from The Diaper Cake Company stand out from the rest. It is not just another diaper cake!