Gender Neutral Diaper Cakes

The Diaper Cake Company has a range of themes for the diaper cakes that are gender neutral and suitable for both baby boys or baby girls. These themes are perfect if you are looking for a baby gift hamper that is neutral and not overly bias towards the usual blue and pink.

Whichever the theme, our diaper cake includes:

  • A personalised name on the diaper cake. Could be the baby’s, mummy’s or daddy’s.
  • A handmade and personalised greeting card with your personal message to the recipient.
  • Products from the bundle you have selected. Smaller items will be hidden inside the cake. Larger items, like the diaper clutch or swaddle, will be placed next to the cake. The cake, greeting card, and products will be arranged on a cake base for presentation.
  • Free weekday evening (after 7pm) or weekend (9am – 5pm) delivery. Top-up S$10 for weekday delivery  between 9am to 5pm.

Here are just some neutral diaper cake themes we have.

safari 3 tier cake travel-diaper-cake superhero 



Or see our other designs and themes.