Some facts about diaper cakes in Singapore

  1. Disposable diapers are the key ingredient. The brand of diapers varies. Different diaper cake shop uses different brands. So the cost and quality also differ. Some diapers are thicker and broader, and these will affect the eventual shape and size of the cake.
  2. It comes in different shapes and sizes. A typical diaper cake in Singapore comes in the form of a cake, either 2 or 3 tiers. Some shop prefers to wrap the diapers in rompers or blanket, while some diaper cake shop prefers to work the diapers into the design of the cake. For the budget conscious, one-tier cakes are also being sold. Elaborate designs of pram, owl, and motorcycle have also be made.
  3. Baby products complement the diapers. In the local context, the diaper cakes seldom come with only diapers. 98% of the time, the gift hamper comes with baby accessories or apparels. Common ones are wash clothes, bibs, head bands, mittens, socks, rompers and soft toys. The more interesting ones would include diaper change clutch, organic rattlers, etc.
  4. Can be personalized and customized. Diaper cake shops are adapting to the market conditions and providing personalization services with the cake. Some diaper cake shops in Singapore are also offering customized diaper cakes that allow customers to pick and choose items to go with the cake. This way, customers can buy a gift that fits their budget.
  5. Increasingly gaining popularity as gift for new parents. The usual baby gift hampers, gift boxes, tonic, electrical kitchen appliances are not as appealing now as people are now looking for something that is less traditional and that stands out from the rest. A diaper cake falls into this as it is both unique and practical as a gift.