Diaper Gifts for New Baby

With a new baby in the house, diapers would be a necessity. This makes diapers a practical gift to parents with a newborn. However, giving just diapers can be a little boring and it doesn’t look good on the gift table.

boy personalised card

Personalized Card with a 3-Tiered Cake

You can consider a diaper cake as a unique gift for the baby shower. Made out of premium diapers, our diaper cake is created to look like a classic tiered cake. At The Diaper Cake Company, our diaper cakes comes in either 2 or 3 tiers and are decorated with colour coordinated ribbons and handmade paper art to complement the cake theme. Now you have a gift that is not only practical, but pretty and elegant as well. We also personalize the diaper cake with the parent’s or baby’s name.


Not just that. Our diaper cakes are bundled with natural and organic goodies that would equip parents with the essentials for their parenthood journey. There is option to customize your bundle! We are confident that parents who receive our cakes will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind it. Make your gift a meaningful one.

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