Personalized Gifts for Newborn

You have received the good news. A close friend or relative of your is having a baby and is due soon. To mark and celebrate the birth of the newborn, you are likely to be searching for a baby shower gift that is meaningful, practical and presentable. There are the usual tonic, red packet, gold, hamper, etc. But something that is unique in Singapore is a diaper cake. A diaper cake (is not a real cake) is designed to resemble a real cake but are made of diapers.

At The Diaper Cake Company, we hand make and decorate our diaper cakes to a selected theme of your choice. Lots of goodies are also carefully selected to complement the cake and they are hidden inside the cake to give your receiver a little surprise. Our diaper cakes can be personalized and comes with a special handcrafted card. A great gift and centerpiece for baby showers or baby full month celebrations.

At The Diaper Cake Company, it is not just another diaper cake!


coverWe do not ‘dress’ the diapers with rompers, swaddles, soft toys or fashion accessories. Instead, we decorate the cake to look like a real edible tiered cake. Cake designs are also handcrafted and pieced together with individual pieces of coloured art card for the layered and 3D effect.

Products we choose to complement the cakes are natural and organic, and are essential products for new parents to care for their newborn. These products are also often overlooked by new parents, and parents will appreciate having these items in their parenthood journey. Check out the products we have carefully selected to pair with our diaper cakes.