Top 10 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

You have heard the good news that a family member’s or close friend’s baby is on the way. A baby shower has been organized and you are searching for the perfect baby shower gift that is meaningful and useful for the new parents. Given the plethora of choices out there in baby gift hampers, it can be overwhelming just to find that gift. Fret not. We have put together a list of practical and useful gift ideas to start you thinking.


1. Gift Vouchersgift vouchers

Gift vouchers for supermarkets like NTUC or Cold Storage could be considered. New parents still need to do grocery shops, they still need to buy household items. But if you feel like something that is closer to the occasion, maybe you could try gift vouchers for Mother Care, Kiddie Palace or 1010 Mother & Child. Parents could buy diapers, wipes or other baby related products from those stores.


2. Nutrition Supplements berry essence

Chicken essence is one of the most common supplement given to mothers during their confinement period. However, not everyone like the taste of chicken essence, or belief in the benefits of it. Alternatively, you could consider InnerShine® Berry Essence with Grape Seed Extract from the Brands. It is rich in antioxidants and anthocyanins from berries which are important in the protection of body cells, especially skin cells. Simply put, it nourishes from within to maintain healthy and supple skin.


3. Problem Solvers 

Especially for new parents, the whole transition into parenthood can be quite daunting. There are stuff that new parents would usually prepare for and then there are stuff that often gets overlooked or is good to have. These are items that the child will eventually need, but are often not the focus when prepping for the newborn’s arrival. For example, nappy cream to prevent diaper rash, an organic vapor balm to ease nasal blockage (same as Vicks, only organic and does not contain petroleum), or an organic tummy cream to relieve tummy wind (similar to Ru Yi oil, only organic and does not contain paraffin). You could also consider an ear thermometer. The one from Braun is pretty decent.


4. Diaper Cake Animal safari small

Needless to say, diapers would be one of the biggest need for any new parent. However, giving just diapers as they are may not be presentable. Consider a diaper cake, which is made of diapers but created to look like a tiered cake. Diaper cakes are usually bundled with other baby products and can be personalized. At The Diaper Cake Company, our diaper cakes are bundled with ‘Problem Solvers’ and other useful products. Check out the different themes and bundles available.


5. Treats for the New Mum

The body is recovering from fatigue after hours in labour. Give the new mom something to pamper herself with. Maybe a post-natal message package or a pedicure treatment. Pedicure treatment will definitely go down well especially for ladies who are in their last trimester, but be warned that some shops may not want to serve customers who are heavily pregnant due to liabilities issues.


6. For the Nursing Mothermilk storage bagsnursing pillow

A nursing mother would appreciate all kinds of support from family and friends. Help your friend with her nursing journey by making it easier. A nursing pillow will ease the exhaustion from having to hold the baby during the feed. You could also consider breast-milk storage bags. These would come in handy to store additional supplies.


7. Photoshoot Package

How about a family photoshoot package for the family? New parents will never get tired of looking at their newborn. Trust me on this. And what’s better than to be able to capture these moments by the professionals.


8. Bedding

Bedsheets and waterproof mats will definitely be useful. For bedsheets, we have tried the organic cotton ones, and they are sooooo soft! Having a few bedsheets for rotation would be handy because one can expect pee and wee to be all over the place. Waterproof mattress liners would also come in handy to protect the mattress in the event of bed wetting. IKEA has them!


9. Gold gold bracelet

Gold is probably one of the favorite gifts by the older generation. It could take the form of a pendant, anklet or a bracelet. Usually, they would have designs of the child’s zodiac sign or the child’s family name. Sometime, auspicious phrases or the baby’s full name could be engraved on the gold. Gold bar would work too, but find one with a meaningful design.


10. Red Packet

Last but not least. If all fails, there is always the trusted and commonly accepted Red Packet. Market rate would depend on the venue of the baby shower, and how close you are to the person as a family member or friend.